Italian Police Crash Lamborghini Gallardo



I trust you’re mourning the Gallardo above in silence as you gaze at this unfortunate photo, yes? Full information on how it got this way after the jump, take all the time you need.

When drivers who aren’t looking pull out in front of you and cut you off, what do you usually do? Probably swear, possibly make rude hand gestures, and generally go on about your business. If you’re rather unfortunate, you come to a panic stop and your coffee flies all over your lap and makes a huge mess in your car. Lather, pull on new pants, continue on to work.

If, however, you’re the Italian Police*, and you happen to be out patrolling in one of your two prized Lamborghini Gallardos and a reckless Seat Ibiza happens to pull out of a gas station in front of you without looking…you may well end up plowing into a line of parked cars and causing a big black van to mount your Gallardo. This will, of course, instantly render it totaled and ensure that you end up the subject of news outlets and blogs across the globe.

The single remaining Italian Police Gallardo was unavailable for comment, as it was far too busy crying into its gas petrol.

* = as in “police force of Italy,” not as in “individuals policing the Italian language,” which would be a different matter entirely