Backwards News: Italian coachbuilder Bertone adds some American design prowess?


So you might think that an American auto company, in an effort to boost slumping sales, would be hiring Italian designers and design firms like mad. But that’s normal 2007 thinking! You need to put on your crazy, crazy 2008 thinking-cap! An American-born designer, Jason Castriota (pictured above), has just been hired by renowned Italian design firm Bertone to be the new design director. Now pick your jaw up off the floor. 

Shocking as this appointment may seem, Castriota has been with Pininfarina for the past 8 years so he certainly knows his way around an Italian carrozziere (coachbuilder). You might be asking yourself, have I ever seen any of this American dude’s designs? Well the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano that Castriota is pictured with above is just one of them. Others include the Maserati GranTurismo, James Glickenhaus’ bespoke Ferrari P4/5, The one-off Rolls Royce Hyperion, and the Maserati Birdcage concept. Not too shabby by my standards. 

But the whole reason for this post is a very interesting article with Mr. Jason Castriota and a Top Gear interviewer I’ve never heard of. I highly recommend reading it. 

Follow the jump for some eye-wateringly gorgeous pictures of Jason Castriota’s finest work.