For Sale: 1988 BMW M6



Just look at the size of that greenhouse! You could fit Rita McNeil through that window!

Uninterested in the 500 hp 5.0L V10 underhood of the current E63 BMW M6? Think that the current model is too bloated, too complex, and too expensive? Me too, me two, and me three. Thankfully, in the late 80′s BMW’s M division had their Bavarian mitts in more than just the E30 M3 (with its pitiful little four-pot), they also produced the E24 M6 for those looking for a more stately and refined BMW coupe experience. Powered by the M88 3.5L inline-6 from the M1, the M6 made 256 hp in North America, a full thirty less than the Euro models on account of the castrating catalytic converter. Still, this was enough oomph to make the M6 one of the 10 fastest cars in North America at the time with a 0-60 mph of just over 6 seconds.

The lines of the E24 embody the classic “shark nose” philosophy of being more aggressive and purposeful than Mercedes, a design element that BMW’s current design director Adrian Van Hooydonk is currently re-imagining, starting with the F01 7-series and continuing with the F10 5-series.

Price and gallery below.

For CDN$21,000, you can have this 21-year-old contemporary classic. Twenty-one, that number… it works in Blackjack, why can’t it work for you?