F1 News: ProDrive Serious about F1 Bid in 2010!



Coming just a day after Lola’s announcement of their intent to return to F1 in 2010, ProDrive has now announced that they’d like to get into the game as well!

This wasn’t just some throwaway aside during a larger press conference about something else entirely, either—ProDrive released an interview with David Richards that was geared entirely toward this subject earlier today. Follow the jump for more.

Said Richards:

“The initial signs coming out from the FIA and FOM are very attractive and represent the basis for a real revolution in the sport.

“They hold the promise to return Formula 1 to its fundamental ethos, where success comes to those with the most ingenious engineering and best organisation not simply those with the biggest budget. We are therefore very optimistic but let’s wait and see what the final proposals look like when they are published next week.”

Meanwhile, prospects for McLaren Mercedes are looking less than great. In addition to Mercedes-Benz not being terribly thrilled about being drawn into scandal on top of their current economic situation, a source from one of the team’s larger sponsors said yesterday, “I can say that if a disproportionately large penalty were given to McLaren on April 29 then the sponsor that I am associated with might leave.”

Lest we get distracted from the actual pesky matter of Formula One Grands Prix being run, Bahrain is this weekend. You may want to set your DVRs and/or VCRs now. ;)

[Photo: ProDrive]