F1 News: 2009 Grand Prix of Malaysia (Sepang Formula 1 GP)



Guess What Happened at the GP of Malaysia yesterday? Go on, guess. HERE, I’LL GIVE YOU A HINT. ;)

Unlike last week’s exercise in bureaucracy, it appears (at least, as of right now) that in Malaysia, what we saw through the torrential downpour on the track was indeed how the race results panned out. Once again, Jenson Button topped the podium in his BGP-001, and he was joined on the podium by Nick Heidfeld in second and Timo Glock in third. Where were McLaren and Ferrari? Way, way back—and since the race was declared complete with less than 75% of the scheduled laps completed, a half-points schedule was awarded. Ferrari got no points whatsoever, and McLaren ended with one lonely little point courtesy of Lewis Hamilton’s completely uncontroversial drive.

Currently, team placement in championship standings is led by Brawn-Mercedes, with Toyota placing a strong second and BMW-Sauber and Renault tied for third with 4 points apiece. The caboose is being brought up by Ferrari and Force India, who are tied with 0 championship points apiece. McLaren just barely edges them out by having that single point Lewis Hamilton gained this weekend. Though it’s only two races into the 2009 season, I do have to wonder if Honda’s kicking themselves now for having left?