Audi’s New Hole-Filler Spied!




Audi has gone a bit queer as of late. Not only are they enjoyed by more wankers than ever, but they’re intent on filling every hole in sight. Audi has decided that for every single customer, there must be an entire model devoted to that individual. With Audi’s goal of selling 1.5 million units worldwide, that makes for a lot of different models. Exaggerations aside, Audi is actually planning on having 40 different models by that time, which is less than 1.5 million, but still an astonishing number considering they have about half that number currently on sale. Apparently Martin Winterkorn thinks that there are “holes” in the product portfolio. 

So let’s make up a fictitious customer with fictitious desires and see if the Audi-giant-knob-customer-model-selector will spit out something useless useful. This customer likes the look of the A6 but wishes it had a little less room, a little more sexiness, and cost a little more. Grrreat! Because Audi has got the product and it’s called the A7.

You can see a sneak peek of the A7 above, but there’s more below. 


The A7, as seen in this concept sketch, is meant to be Audi’s CLS-fighter. The Mercedes CLS redefined the word “coupe” when it came out in 2006 calling itself a “four-door coupe”. Oxymoron or not, it has been very successful (as a halo vehicle, less so in terms of sales) and is now being copied by everyone from Porsche to Aston Martin to VW and now Audi. 

Trading off function for form doesn’t really flow logically in these near-apocalyptic days, but these plans were put into motion when times were good and the only company that has decided against making their own CLS-fighter is BMW. I’m having a tough time believing that any of these vehicles are going to sell well as people are currently looking to downsize and maximize their expenditures. Sorry Audi, I just don’t see how a less-functional A6 accomplishes that.

Suggestion for Audi’s new slogan: Fictitious Customers Wanted, Apply Within. 


Check out the rest of the spyshots and a couple more concept sketches in the gallery below. We’ll bring you more pics of the real live A7 from the Detroit Auto Show in January.