Video: How Not To Drive A Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


My new favourite car is the Ferrari 612 Scag, for those who don’t know. The reason for this is somewhat complicated. You see, the six-one-two is a Ferrari that I previously dismissed because it wasn’t an F430. My reasoning was that the F430 (and 430 Scud) were so good that no one in their right mind would buy a 599 or a 612 or anything else. I dismissed the non-F430 models as inferior. But I was wrong. Ferrari doesn’t make a bad car, you just have to pick the car that suits you the best.

The one that suits me the best is the 612. It’ slightly bland to look at, so it will only attract glances from those in-the-know, it has a mid-mounted V12 that is positioned in front of the cabin, it is immensely large, it is a classic Grand Tourer, and it seats 4 adults in comfort. As far as I can see, it’s perfect. Oh, and Jeremy Clarkson loves it, Peter Orosz loves it, and Chris Harris has one. There aren’t three other opinions in automotive journalism that I value more highly. 

Which brings me to this video of how not to drive a Scag. This car was meant to drive from Paris, after a breakfast of espresso and a croissant, to Geneva, for a late lunch. And back again, to stay at the Ritz Carlton Paris. It was not meant to moto-x.