8 Car-Related Videos You MUST Watch This Week: December 14, 2011


It’s simply overwhelming. There’s too much. How can one person possible stay on top of it all the awesome car videos??

Relax. It’s ok. Just close your eyes for a moment and take a deep breath. We’ve done the work for you so pop some corn, grab a beer, and enjoy the eight must-see videos for this week. Don’t have the time right now? No worries, you’ve got all week. Bookmark it and come back when you’re ready to bask in the glory of the automobile. Enjoy!


1. Sebastian Thrun on Google’s Driverless Car:

He’s passionate, he’s persuasive, and he’s showing us a glimpse of the future. As long as there are still closed race tracks, count us in!

Faster, hairier, and louder cars are after the jump!

2. Koenigsegg Agera R dusts Ferrari 458 Italia:

The 458 is silly fast by any measure; any measure except the world’s fastest Swedish meatball, that is.

3. Entrepreneurs+Yaris+British youf = This:

It’s like Charlie Rose in a subcompact Toyota. Classic.

4. BMW M5 vs. Merc E63 AMG vs. Jag XFR vs. Porsche Panamera S:

It’s a 1-2 finish for the turbo cars! Snail power!

5. Jag XKRS vs. Jag XJ220, or Chris Harris vs. John Nielsen at the ‘Ring:

It spits fire!!

6. 350Z eating Corvettes and Lotuses in the rain:
Seeing as how a silver 350Z is a permanent fixture in the CarEnvy Garage, we’re a bit biased towards the VQ-engined muscle car. So watching it in the capable hands of our buddy Kevin – set to a sweet electro beat, in the rain, as he crushes ‘Vettes and Lotuses – is pure pleasure.

7. All you need to know about the only car worth knowing anything about:

Scion FR-S. So hot right now.

8. A step-by-step look at how turbochargers are made:

Manufacturing. Sweet.

9. Life’s a Happy Song:
It’s not car-related, but this bonus video features Bret from Flight of the Conchords as he just nails this duet and reminds us all that there’s more to life than fast cars. There’s also singing puppets and catchy lyrics!

[Photo credit: CAR magazine]

[Video credits: TED, CarThrottle via YouTube, YouTube, EVO via YouTube, @kmccauley via YouTube, AutoGuide via YouTube, NYT via YouTube]