Once More Onto The ‘Ring – Ferrari 599XX


We never get tired of Nurburgring videos. There’s something about watching a master flog a fast car at crazy speeds around the Green Hell that makes us giggle and gawk like teenage girls stalking that creepy vampire kid from the “Twilight” movies. Whether it’s a GT3 or a GT-R or a GTS, feeling the elevation changes as the scenery flies by is always a great way to waste away an afternoon on YouTube.

Strictly speaking, the Ferrari 599XX is not a street car. It’s a limited-production track toy for those anointed by the Factory as being worthy. Regardless, they’ve broken the record for a “production-based, non-street-legal” car, whatever that means.

What we think it means is a new Ferrari busted up the seven-minute barrier on its way to a lap time of 6:48:16. And that’s fast. Wicked fast.