Porsche of the Day (Model 911 998 Spy Shots)



Since you have finally decided now is the time to buy your Porsche 911 GT2, knowing that is is the fastest one, I give you these pictures. Here is the next generation 911. Now you know that if you bought the current generation GT2, you would just spend your time looking at it and thinking, “I only have a 997, not a 998.” Your shame would then be so great that you would either retire to the Yukon, or commit honorable seppuku. Actual information after the jump.

Now that we have covered the fact the Porsche seems to release a new 911 whenever someone walks into a dealership and purchases the last one, we can move on to the actual car. The most obvious differences between the 997 model and the 998 are that there are more upright, and in my opinion Porsche-like, head-lamps, the car is a tad longer, and the mirrors have been move downward onto the door. While I’m all for the first two changes, the mirrors just look awkward to me. I looks like they were put on as an afterthought, when in reality Porsches have always had mirrors. 

Porsche Research and Development Chief Wolfgang Dürheimer has also released some details of the car. “‘It will be even more competent, even sexier, even more unique. The design can of course only be evolutionary, but beneath the skin, almost anything is possible.” In other words, blah blah blah. However, he also said a few noteworthy things. The front bumper will be redesigned and expanded to comply with new EU regulations, and the rear is being reworked to improve aerodynamics (dimples, anybody?). Some fun new features are being added as well, like Bugatti Veyron style active aerodynamics and a more lightweight construction. 

We won’t be seeing these for sale until 2011, when there will be rumors about the model 999 that will keep you from buying this one.

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