When Car Designers Bring Out The Claws, Feelings Get Hurt


Want to watch two grown men, who also happen to be two of the most influential car designers of the last decade, verbally slap the shit out of each other? Then look no further.

So who scores the decisive victory?

The judges have handed down their decision, and upon review, and despite holding back tears at one point, Jason Castriota has been scored as the undisputed champion of controversial designs over Chris Bangle. Castriota is hardly new to the pages of CarEnvy, but we’ve never seen him throw down the gauntlet quite so forcefully before. Not only can the man design, but he can debate (and sell) like few others.

Also, credit is due to Castriota for even taking on a project like Saab. He’s bounced around a fair bit in recent years, from Pininfarina to Bertone to Shelby SuperCars – apparently with time enough in between to design the new Stratos – and now he’s landed at lost little Saab. To recap, the Swedish brand was bought by GM, driven to aesthetic, financial, and moral bankruptcy, and is now owned by boutique (former) carmaker Spyker. Castriota has a lot of heritage to work with, but the baggage that comes with it is nothing short of soul-crushing.

The reason for this whole debacle was Castriota’s newest concept that was just revealed at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show: the Saab PhoeniX. Feel free to watch Jason explain the finer points of the design using words that have more syllables than meaning. Also, the 1980′s called and they want the rear end of the PhoeniX back.

It looks like the JCV virus just keeps spreading…

[CarDesignNews via YouTube]