Dodge Challenger SRT8: So Bad It’s Good


I’m flying Jack, I’m flying.

When it comes to aesthetics, most of us instinctively assume that our eyes are the determining factor. In fact, our noses, ears, taste, and sense of touch are also related to the philosophical realm of aesthetics. With regards to aethetics, I personally find that some things are so utterly revolting that they come around full circle and yield a strange attractive quality. Take Gucci Mane, an American rapper with so little apparent talent for writing and performing that he can’t be taken seriously. And yet, there is enjoyment to be derived from listening to his “music”, albeit with a healthy sense of irony. With brings us neatly to the Dodge Challenger SRT8. This is a car that is so crude and so primitive that it comes around full circle and is actually desirable. Whereas every other manufacturer on the planet is striving for quieter, safer, more refined vehicles, it is somewhat reassuring to know that we can still buy cars that are so fantastically bad. This is what car enthusiasts like to call “character”, and the Challenger SRT8 has it in spades.

Both are iconic, neither are actually that great. Who am I kidding, the Eiffel Tower is awesome.

The Challenger SRT8 wouldn’t be my first choice for a run up Italy’s Stelvio Pass. But it’s still scenic as hell.


Say goodbye to the 6.1 in the Challenger SRT8 because it’s about to get an upgrade next year. Replacing it will be a 6.3L with 475hp, up from the current 425hp.

[Image credits: dodge challenger1/Flikr (1-3, 5), jeffyoung04/Flikr (4)]