How Hard Can It Be? Two 1928 Dodge Sedans


Fate works in strange ways, especially if you live in Montana, a generally vast wasteland of derelict… everything dry climate conducive to automobile preservation. The distance between the towns of Shelby and Great Falls is about 135 kilometres, or a quick hour and a half. The time investment is probably less since there is no reason to not drive at absolute top speed. Checking Google maps, it seems that the terrain is pretty flat, further facilitating fast movement. Why should you care?

Because at this moment there is not one, but are two 1928 Dodge sedans for sale in Nowhere, Montana, oddly not that far from Calgary.

1928 Dodge 1928 Dodge

The first example is rough. In what used to be the engine compartment is a lump of something which could have once been a motor. Or not: it could be a sewing machine or a rusty kerosene tank. There is no real way of knowing. This sleeping beauty, so the seller states, could best be used as landfill a good parts car. That would be true if you needed very specific parts, like a steering wheel or two rims or a  roof. Those parts are probably crap, but it’s hard to tell by the pictures worth the CDN$430.00 asking price.

But that’s not the best part. Those three or so parts could go to the 1928 Dodge sedan for sale in Great Falls. It has a title, which presumably is not, “Best In Show.” This seller states the car is almost complete, and judging by the one vague picture he’s right. The primer splotches indicates the difficult body work has been completed. Here’s where fate steps in: this pile of nonsense grand old machine obviously needs a roof!

The Other 1928 Dodge

Fate hath decreed you must buy both cars. This gem is selling for CDN$3100, so for this amount plus your first-born a low initial investment you could have the makings of a stunning example of a pre-Daimler-Chrysler-era Mopar.

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