How Hard Can It Be? (1956 DeSoto)



This informative seller from the Los Angeles area has a project for you! For starters, we know that it’s a DeSoto. Since DeSoto was a division of Chysler, how hard can it be? We don’t know if it’s an Adventurer, Fireflite, Firedome, or Firesweep, not that an adventurous soul like you cares, but we do know that it looks like it’s been in a fire is ready for a new home! More gruesome enlightening details from this knowledgeable seller after the jump. 


This seller seems to have found an extra bag of CAPS LOCK FAIRY DUST lying around because it’s all over the Craigslist ad. When this Californian wrote ”CLEAN BODY, RECENT BRAKE JOB, GOOD TIRES, READY FOR RESTORATION”, he must have had his sunglasses on because that body doesn’t look too clean to me. Oh well, nothing your children’s inheritance a little elbow grease can’t fix. 

Another thing the seller just plain forgot to mention was the body style of this American classic. Two doors? Four doors? Convertible? I wouldn’t worry about it though. If the seller isn’t forthcoming with little details like that, he’s probably hiding a lot more than you can imagine just the forgetful original owner of this beauty!

Also, for those of you unfamiliar with Inglewood, California, it is the hood. Fortunately for you, the type of neighbourhood is the least of your worries. If you do survive long enough to pick up the vehicle and get it back home, you’ll wish you hadn’t know that the risk was worth it.