Who Knew Edmonton Was So Ghetto? Ford F-150 Edition



Imagine a dealership lot full of Ford F-150s. If you’re from Alberta like I am, chances are you don’t mind that thought. Now imagine that all those brand new F-150s are Harley Davidson and King Ranch editions. Getting better, no? Well, no, because all those trucks are up on blocks and wheel-less.

An Edmonton-area Ford dealership was made to look like a slum in Compton over the weekend when an organized band of hooligans stole $85,000 worth of rims and tires.

Do you know what Albertan do to people who steal bits off our trucks? We steal bits off of them! And that’s the story of how Truck Nutz were born.

This seems especially relevant since we’re already on the topic of roughed-up Fords today.

[via Hooniverse]