Want To Get A Fisker, But Tired Of Waiting For The Karma?


Now on eBay for only $CDN100,377 is the 2005 Fisker Latigo CS. Never heard of it? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, only  150 were made and each cost almost USD$200,000 when new. For such a limited production car, that might seem somewhat reasonable when you consider that there are thousands and thousands of Lamborghini Gallardos out there, but the Latigo CS was based on the more proletariat BMW M6, which only cost about $100,000. So for twice the original MSRP, buyers were treated to a Henrik Fisker-penned exterior, a spruced-up interior, and a bored out 5.6L V10 making 655hp and 400 torques. 0-60mph comes up in under 4 seconds and top speed is over 200mph (320kph). At the time, Fisker claimed that it was the fastest four-seat coupe in the world. Even if that were once true, the Latigo CS isn’t the most fetching of Henrik Fisker’s designs, certainly not when compared to the likes of the Aston Martin Vantage, DB9, and BMW Z8.

Still, now you can have that all that BMW/Fisker mash-up for only half of the original price. Or you can take your $100,000 worth of pocket change and put it in a bank account until the Fisker Karma Sunset and Karma Sedan make their way into production. Then you can have something attractive and electric-powered. And assuming your electricity isn’t coming from combusted coal, your new Karma will be a hell of a lot greener than the Latigo CS too.

My only interaction with the new Karma products was at this year’s Chicago Auto Show, where the infant company had one convertible and one sedan for showgoers to gawk at from behind a fixed perimeter wall. Hardly the most endearing and engaging set-up.

The convertible was particularly sultry, although I imagine that it would be even more alluring in a brighter colour, like blue.

The sedan’s profile doesn’t look unlike that of the new Aston Martin Rapide, what with the scruntched rear door.

Now, of you’re a wealthy Fisker aficionado, you have a choice to make: lunge for the Latigo, or wait for the Karma. Let us know what you end up choosing in the comments.