Henrik Makes A Green Car For You And Me (Fisker Karma sedan and Fisker Karma S)




We’ve shown you the concept version of the Fisker Karma sedan before, but are you ready for the production version and the conceptual convertible you see above? 


That vehicle you see above is called the Fisker Karma S and its from a tiny little company called Fisker Automotive. The S looks pretty fantastic in a “Gallardo LP560 is pretty fast” understated kind of way. According to a press release from Fisker Automotive: The open-air Fisker Karma S concept shares its aluminum spaceframe architecture and clean Q-DRIVE® powertrain with the Fisker Karma sedan. Designed and engineered by Quantum Technologies exclusively for Fisker Automotive, Q-DRIVE® provides 50 emission-free miles on a single charge to its lithium-ion battery pack, and up to 403hp from two electric motors. The power retractable hard top, a first for Fisker, glides neatly into the trunk and a unique design language sets the Karma S concept apart.

How is it that a little upstart automaker from Nowheresville, Denmark has managed to beat every major manufacturer on the planet to market with lithium ion batteries? And in a drop-dead gorgeous body no less. This all sounds like complete LSD-trippin’ fantasy to me. Really though, I can’t judge the man who holds as much importance to me as the Pope does to Catholics. 


Above is the production version of the Fisker Karma sedan. Thankfully, it looks as fantastic as the concept. The big changes you will notice are found inside the vehicle. This is typically the case when automakers lie to us vehicles go from concept to production. Check out the gallery to see how nice the production interior will really be for the sedan. 

We here at CarEnvy are very much looking forward to the Karma S making it to production. Although the greater than $100k price tag might seem high, it would still be the least expensive two-door that Henrik Fisker has ever designed. Combine the S’s good looks with the Q-DRIVE and an attainable (I didn’t say affordable) price tag and we’ve got ourselves a winner.