Vengeance Power Engine Unveiled, Torquey



For the last ten years, three men have been developing an entirely new kind of engine in Windsor, Ontario. Knowing that they were near completion, last year they started a company, Vengeance Power Inc., and filed for $500,000 worth of patents worldwide. Recently, they brought it to Society of Automotive Engineers world congress. Clearly they think that they will be selling a few of these. They’re right. It’s light, small, powerful, and has ridiculous amounts of torque. It has so much torque that I can’t say it here. Hit the jump to find out.

The engine can be described as a Wankle that works properly. While the rotary motion of the Wankle engine is great in theory, the combustion chamber expands after ignition, absorbing much of the power of the actual combustion. This engine was designed to fix that. Inside, there are eight vane travelling around an oval that looks like it was drawn by a kindergartener. The combustion happens in between the vanes, and since they are set at fixed angles, when the engine rotates it doesn’t have that Wankle problem.


Here’s the truly amazing part: The engine they presented at the SAE show is “smaller than an engine in a Ford Focus,” but is twice a fuel efficient as a gasoline engine, develops 550 horsepower, and produces 2,500 foot pounds of torque. That was not a typo.

I’ll let that sink in.

These three men have made an engine that is like other engines, but better in every way.

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