Vancouver: Soon-To-Be Greenest City in Canada?



Today, Vancouver’s city council will take a vote on a matter that could shape the future of lives for Vancouver’s citizens, both present and future. The subject of their vote is groundbreaking, and could put the city of Vancouver on part with such global cities as Paris and San Francisco.

So what is this vote all about? Follow the jump to find out.

Finding alternate ways to fuel our cars globally is indeed a necessary part of our transportational evolution, but if such cars are going to be developed, they’re going to need ease of access to those alternate sources of fuel. That’s where a plan like the one Vancouver’s city council will be voting on today comes into play. The Vancouver Sun calls it “range anxiety,” the phenomenon that occurs when you’ve got an electric car but don’t know if you’re going to be able to make it to a place where you can refuel before your batteries dry up.

Today, Vancouver’s city council will vote on whether to require electric vehicle charging stations to be a build requirement for new condo and apartment building construction, as well as placing them in existing parking lots and on some city streets as well.

You can watch a CTV news report here, via their media player, which will launch in a new window. We’ll be sure to post more news as we have it.