Vancouver is First City in Canada to Test Mitsubishi i MiEVs



Tesla it isn’t, but that’s not the market Mitsubishi is going for. We’ve shown you the Mitsubishi i MiEV concept before. Now, the world’s very first production-ready, highway-capable electric car may be about to hit the streets near you—if you live in or around Vancouver, that is.

The city of Vancouver just signed a deal with Mitsubishi yesterday that sees one i MiEV becoming part of their fleet now, and one becoming part of BC Hydro’s. More will be added to their fleets as they become available.

In case you’re curious about how Mitsubishi’s in-wheel motor system works, CNet have provided a helpful video to illustrate.

If you’ve been following Mitsubishi’s development process on their electric vehicles, you’ll recall Keio University’s development of the groundbreaking Eliica—the world’s first all-electric supercar. If you aren’t familiar with it, chances are good that you think I’m crazy. Want to see what helped firmly establish Mitsu on the path toward in-wheel motors as propulsion? Watch the Eliica spank that generation’s 911 Turbo under acceleration.

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