Teaser: New Grand Bentley (Arnage Replacement)



The Bentley Arnage has been around for a full decade now, which is plenty long enough in today’s rapidly changing market. So the crew from Crewe has decided that’s 10 years is long enough and that it’s time for a change. Personally, I think that the Arnage is still one of the quintessential luxury sedans. If you see someone getting out of the back seat of an Arnage, you know they’re the real deal. To me, the Conti GT stinks of brash, flash, new money, and it therefore doesn’t garner the same kind of respect. 

Here is the first teaser pic of the Arnage replacement, currently known as the Grand Bentley. Clearly, Bentley isn’t giving much away other than a big Flying B and squared off dimensions. Radical, I know. 

Stay tuned for more as the inevitable leaks, errr, leak.

In real news, as predicted Fiat now owns a chunk of Chrysler and the joint company has exited US bankruptcy protection with Sergio Marchionne as CEO.