Grand Bentley = 2011 Bentley Mulsanne



Here is the first glimpse of the replacement for the aging Arnage – the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne. The new car revives the name that has been dormant since 1992 and is derived from the Mulsanne Straight on the Circuit de la Sarthe of 24 hours of Le Mans fame. The Mulsanne, or the Grand Bentley as it was unofficially known, takes the wrung of the ladder just above the Continental range and sits on a bespoke platform. So it is not related to a Volkswagen Phaeton. Very British.

Follow below for more details and a gallery.

To my eye, it looks like an elongated (if that is possible) Bentley Brooklands with two extra hinges. This is no insult, as I picked the Brooklands as my favourite supercar to live with everyday. The really surprising design element is the new headlight cluster. Made entirely of LEDs, they are meant to evoke the 8-litre Bentleys of yore. Do you think they work?

There are no powertrain details until the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. All we know for now is that a V8 is underhood. Stay tuned.

[via Autoblog]