Spotted: Modern-Day 300SL (SLS AMG Gullwing)




Here are some shots of the 2011 AMG Gullwing in heavy camo during road tests in the states. Although originally this was expected to be a Mercedes branded vehicle, it’s now been made clear that it is being developed entirely by AMG. Luckily the name they settled on didn’t use the goofy method by which AMG was chosen. “Well, my last name is Aufrecht, yours is Melcher, and I was born in Großaspach, so… AMG?” However, “Gullwing” is rather uninspired. At least it’s better than Quattroporte. More after the Jump.



This car was first spotted over a year ago, and, at the time looked like somebody had run a Dodge Viper through a blender, which was pretty much spot on. Most of the parts were from a Viper, just rearranged by AMG.  Now that it is actually constructed entirely of AMG parts it’s really beginning to take shape. The gullwing doors are on the car (YAY! fun), which have some short, crisp, boxy character lines, which may very well look entirely different on the production model. Personally, I hope they stay as is, since they help give the car a very muscular look. The front end is also sporting some older looking air vents, which are looking good given their surroundings.


We also have an interior shot, however, showing us a sporty looking steering wheel, Benz’s COMAND system, and some nice large paddles for the semi-automatic gearbox. Since the wheel is straight in the picture, it is unfortunately impossible to tell whether or not they are affixed to the wheel or the column, although they do look very close to the wheel itself. The speedometer looks like it will top out at around 220 mph (355 kph) so it should be a fast little creature.

All in all, this seems like it will shape up to be a very fun little car. It should debut at Geneva in 2010.

PS: Listen to a 6.2l 600 bhp engine:



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