AMG Sales are… up?



When everybody else’s sales are hitting record lows, Mercedes-Benz AMG division has reported record high sales. Sales are up 19%, and honestly, I have no idea why. While Mercedes-Benz has been struggling to keep sales at their 2007 level, AMG has managed to miraculously move a lot more product. Sales of AMG sports packages are up 73%, while total Japanese sales were up 260% and Brazilian sales were up a staggering 565%. That means that every guy in Brazil that bought an AMG in 2007 went out and convinced five and a half of his friends to do the same in ‘08. More after the jump.



The SL65 Black series has certainly helped. Even though tthey haven’t sold many of that particular model, it has served well as a halo vehicle to draw attention to the brand, and to get customers in the showrooms. Once people have the chance to look at some other AMGs, they are obviously more likely to buy them. These people buy the C63… 8,100 of these people bought the C63, making it the best selling AMG ever.

I think AMG has recently procured a copy of the Greater Key of Solomon and the Goetia, summoned a variety of different demons, and in a stroke of Crowley-like genius, made their sales skyrocket against all odds.

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