Gullwing-America/Mercedes 300 SL Panamerica



Just stop for a moment and take it in. Classic, flowing lines, accompanied by a much more modern wheel and brake package. A nice blend of old and new, no?

The best part, you’ll be able to buy it. The details are after the jump.


Gullwing-America, the makee of the vehicle you see above, is not a company that I’m particularly familiar with. Apparently, they produced a retro-futuristic Bentley concept some time back, but no one has heard from them since. Until now. Now the company has released a set of images of another retro-futuristic design concept – this time it’s the Mercedes’ iconic 300SL that is receiving the update. Maintained is the classic bodywork and the dash, gone is just about everything else.

Under the hood is a 370 hp 5.5L Mercedes V8 (M-133-55 engine) mated to a 6-speed auto or manual. The suspension is fully independent. Clearly, the improvements over the widow-maker original are significant.

I’m a huge fan of classic car design, but owning a relic from another era would be a whole other can of worms. Constant maintenance, frequent breakdowns, minimal safety, no thanks.

This kind of car, though, is right up my alley. You get the best of everything. Would I take one over the new SLS AMG Gullwing? In a retro-futuristic heartbeat.

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