SEMA: Ringbrothers Fairlane Afterburner!



At the strange and wonderful SEMA, held every year in Las Vegas to showcase the aftermarket performance scene, you’re likely to come across some pretty grotesque offences to good taste. The flavour of the day this year is the 2010 Chevy Camaro – there are about a million different gaudily modified Camaros with superchargers and giant wheels and huge obnoxious bodykits lining the halls of the Las Vegas convention centre. It’s just how SEMA is.

It’s not all throw-up-in-your-mouth-a-little-bit though, there are a few hidden gems. The Ringbrothers Fairlane Afterburner is one such gem.

With an attention to detail that probably required a scanning electron microscope, the Ringbrothers have taken a 2-door 1964 Ford Fairlane and remade every part out of billet aluminum or carbon fibre, and they made it better too. What blew my mind was the sunvisors. Freakin’ sunvisors like I’ve never seen before!

Then there’s the Roush 427 IR motor with eight poetic velocity trumpets that stopped me dead in my tracks. The whole underhood area is pure engine porn.

What’s in the drinking water in Spring Green, Wisconsin?

Check out the build process for the Fairlane Afterburner here.

[via Jalopnik]