Revealed: Volkswagen Scirocco R



The VW Scirocco is one of our favourite cars here at, which is strange when you consider than no one who “works” here has ever seen one in person, much less driven one. But that’s besides the point, because VW has just announced the much anticipated “R” variant, complete with 265 hp. That should be enough to make a WRX whimper and cowl away in a corner.

The price? About twenty-six thousand British pounds. Or, when converted to Loonies, enough to buy a new Mustang GT500. Or even, after perusing eBay’s search engine, a used Audi S6, BMW M5, Dodge Viper, and on and on. Some serious scratch for a FWD hatchback, then.

Full details of the newest ‘Roc are after the jump.

Those 265 ponies come from the familiar VW 2.oT engine. That mill is very similar to that of the Audi TT-S and S3, if not exactly identical. Unfortunately, the AWD system isn’t coming along for the ride, if iMotor is to be believed. Considering earlier reports were saying that the Scirocco R and GTI-R were both set to have AWD and the 265 hp 2.oT, I’m hesitant to believe that this particular source has all the facts straight.

We’ll just have to see how the details firm up in the coming days. For now, suffice to say that those are some big-ass wheels for such a small car. And were the LED daytime running lights really necessary?

[iMotor via Autoblog]