Pontiac Dead by Monday?



It would be a terrible feeling to know exactly when you were going to die.

GM has been playing the role of grim reaper at the request of President Obama in order to survive and the brand named after Amerind Chief Pontiac is the latest casualty, according to reports.

The decision could become official as early as Monday.

PR guy Tom Wilkinson said “There’s nothing I can share with you at this time. Keep your eyes on our media site. Officially nothing has changed with Pontiac’s niche-brand status, until you hear differently”.

Um, until we hear differently? Not very encouraging.

Pontiac was marketed as GM’s performance division, or its ‘excitement’ brand. The latter only started to become true with late introductions of the G8 and Solstice. It was hard to maintain this image with cars such as the G3 and Torrent in its portfolio.

GM’s restructuring plan originally had a spot for Pontiac has a niche brand with only three or four models.

To date, Oldsmobile and Saturn have gotten the axe, with  GMC awaiting its fate. Saab and Hummer will continue to soldier on should someone wish purchase the brands and venture into the risky business that is the car industry, but they will likely also be killed if no suitable buyer steps to the plate.

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