GM Announce Plans to Quit Their Saabing



In a case that’s entirely not one of “if you love something, set it free,” GM have cut Saab loose, all so that Saab would be free to file for bankruptcy.

But that’s not the end of the story!

GM Europe’s Opel brand was the first of its brands to experience major financial difficulties, and it’s continuing to do so even now. Just as GM attempted to sell Saab back to the Swedish government, GM are also attempting to sell Opel to the German government. So far, they haven’t taken the bait.

Since GM announced the imminent demise of the Saturn brand last week, this poses an interesting chicken-and-egg-esque question: was Saturn so out of ideas that Opel’s own impending demise would have taken them down anyway, since what are arguably the most interesting designs Saturn has produced in recent time were actually rebadged Opels? Possibly, especially when considering the news that GM is now intent on spinning off its Saturn distribution network and offering international auto manufacturers a relatively easy opportunity to break into the North American market—specifically Indian and Chinese manufacturers. Quite an interesting 180 from the Saturn brand’s initial intent.

Incidentally, when we’ve (and OK, by “we’ve,” I really mean “I’ve”) discussed how the world of F1 has more drama than a soap opera? I think the Carpocalypse may officially be giving F1 a run for their money. :P