Is Saab Done?


saab_crash_27_04_05 As we all know, GM’s been anxious to get rid of Saab for some time. The Swedish car manufacturer has been hemorrhaging dollars and Swedish crowns since GM took it over. A deal had almost come through when Koenigsegg, backed by the Chinese company BAIC, made what seemed a fairly solid bid. However, that’s now fallen through as well…and currently, no one else is in line waiting for a swipe at the Saab piñata.

Does this mean Saab’s done? Follow the jump for more info.

Previously, Koenigsegg hadn’t been the only company interested in getting its hands on Saab. Everyone from Geely in China to Fiat (is there anyone they haven’t indicated interest in buying? Seriously???) was mentioned at one time in conjunction with the purchase of Saab—since January 2009, at least. Now, however, things have changed…and Koenigsegg was the only company who’d gone through the serious motions of making a deal.

The Swedish government has already ruled out becoming Saab’s proud new owner—although they WILL help to financially support a viable new owner, should that owner fulfill certain terms. It’s in the Swedish government’s best interest to keep jobs in Sweden, understandably, so while they don’t want to buy the ailing manufacturer outright, they’re still willing to take a few steps toward a mostly-employed citizenry.

Should some other company not step up to the plate, it’s unlikely that GM will choose to hold onto Saab the way it has with Opel. Saab’s simply not as strategically important—not to mention that it has lost them a lot more money. It’s looking more likely that Saab may be entirely done.

Good luck finding spares for your rallied-out 9-2X Aero wagon next time you have a bodywork-shattering off…