I Can Haz “X Cop Car”?


kijiji cop car

This Kijiji advertisement for a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria with 300k is so priceless that it’s worthy of its own internet meme. The entire description reads:

“x cop car , with lights”

I am so impressed that someone went to the trouble of using MS Paint to turn a run-down Crown Vic into a shining example of Police awesomeness, that from hence forth, this shall be known as “Kijijishopping”. It’s like Photoshopping, but about 45 million times more ghetto.

But since the car is located in Lamont…

Maybe we should call it “Lamontshopping”. That would be a pretty big backhand across the face while wearing gaudy jewelry. Even for Lamont.

Coyly, no price is listed.

Just in case you have no idea where Lamont is, here’s a Google Map.


[Kijiji Edmonton]