How Hard Can It Be?: Double Shot of Maserati Biturbo


biturbo02On the surface, the idea of buying a Maserati for $4000 sounds quite nice. The idea of someone being willing to sell you two Maseratis for the same price sounds wonderful… that is, until you remember the existence of the brilliantly named Biturbo. That is what is being offered on Craig’s List, the place where cars go to scream one last cry for help. More details after the jump.

biturboseatsApart from the uninspired name, the Biturbo was a piece of crap. When Maserati and Alfa Romeo were chased out of North America, it was largely due to reliability problems, and to this day, many blame Maserati’s departure on the Biturbo. Who really wanted a broken car that looks like child drew the design in five minutes with seats resembling  the naked hide of an old desert woman? This guy is hoping that you do!

He’s offering two Masers, but only one runs. He says that the silver one “had no engine but good body,” even though he neglected to actually put decent pictures up of the silver one. What we can make out about the silver one is that the paint is mostly dead and that the rear end might not actually exist. While there are “TONES” of spare parts, he is at least honest enough to market this “deal” as one Italian project car.

Anyone have $4000 to blow on two crappy cars?


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