How Hard Can It Be? (1969 Porsche 911 Targa)



CarEnvy is starting a new series today called “How Hard Can It Be?”. The famous Jeremy Clarkson tagline is employed to show you, dear reader, what a truly painful inspiring project car looks like. We’re going to be showing you cars we find online that are in utter disrepair and would take the better part of the 21st century to bring back to lifehave seen better days and just need a little TLC . The sellers of these vehicles willfully disregard any pertinent information try to give you helpful hints as to what might be the issue with their vehicle. They might even sprinkle some CAPS LOCK FAIRY dust to get their story across. That car doesn’t look that bad, you think to yourself. I’m pretty handy with a wrench, you continue. Well open your pocketbook and give it a shot. How hard can it be?

Our first contender for eternal suffering project car is the 1969 Porsche 911 Targa you see above. Follow the jump for more info on this eBay marvel.

First thing you should know is that the picture above is the only picture provided by our brave seller. He claims to have 99% of the parts there, which means that you only need to be creative with 1% of the car! The rest should be a piece of cake.  One percent of the parts includes nothing more than seals, carpets, targa top “fabrik”, some light welding, and maybe a front left fender. This motivated Canadian seller even offers a 993 wide-body kit for only 1300 bones to give the rest of your life your project that extra pinch of uniqueness.

Check back soon for more straightforward projects that you can call your own.