Video: Jason Castriota’s Project M – Part 6



It’s been a while since we followed the creative Mr. Castriota and his one-off supercar, dubbed Project M. Today, we return to his story because Part 6 finally enlightens us as to the underpinnings of Project M. You can find Part 1 of the story here and the prologue here

And if you correctly guessed that Project M would use a Chevy, then you’re the next Miss Cleo, plain and simple. 

Find out which Chevy product Project M will use after the jump!

Of course, it had to the the Corvette ZR1. With the supercharged 6.2L LS9 engine pumping out 638 hp, the ZR1 is a world beater that also represents an astonishing value. The Corvette is no slouch in the handling department either, thanks to magnetorheological dampers and the same carbon ceramic brakes as those on the Enzo. All in all, the ZR1 is a great candidate for some Italian bodywork. Stay tuned for more remarkable coachbuilding!