FWD BMW 0-series in the works?


mini_cooper1Ever wish your MINI was a BMW?  I’m not sure how many peoples’ minds this thought actually crosses, but apparently enough that BMW is reportedly considering a model slotted beneath the 1-series.

Touted as the “0-series”, it will be based on the MINI platform, which naturally means that it will be front-wheel drive. Yes, you read that right. A BMW that will be front wheel drive.

BMW has long proclaimed that it would never go front-wheel drive and that rear-wheel drive was the natural order of the day for the Bavarian company. They also offer all-wheel drive, but with a rear wheel drive bias.

So, what changed?

Apparently, people are demanding a small premium hatch from BMW, and the MINI just doesn’t cut it for the premium side, they want the BMW luxury goodies too.

The 0-series will feature either a small 3 or 4 cylinder engine and will help the automaker meet the new fuel efficiency and CO2 standards. That’s all fine and good, but come on. Since when did BMW decide to take from the Ford book of law whereby slapping on a Lincoln badge on an F-150 charging 10 grand more is somehow acceptable? The 0-series will be nothing more than an even more expensive, than the already pricey MINI.

Honestly, if people are salivating for a premium entry level hatch from BMW, then bring over the 1-series 5-door, like we’ve been demanding for years. Problem solved. Give it that wonderful diesel that they make, and the environmental problem is solved too.

The 323i has long been labeled as a poser car (which I disagree with, by the way), but this new 0-series will certainly walk away with the ultimate poser crown.

Would you buy a front-wheel drive BMW?