Deal of the Day: Bristol 406 Zagato



What is just as rare as the GTbyCitroen, costs a tenth as much, and turns just as many heads? Our Deal of the Day: The Bristol 406 Zagato, of course. The details below.

With a top speed of 210 kph thanks to a 130 hp inline-six, the lithe and nimble Bristol originally sold for about CDN$10,000. Currently, one of the six examples goes for 20 times that according to a posting on UK’s Car and Classic website. It looks to have been reasonably well-maintained and the seller claims only 16,600 miles on the odometer.

I’ll get to Zagato in a minute, but first let’s start with Bristol. Bristol is a small maker of hand-built sports car that is the last wholly-British-owned British car company. As if that means anything. More interestingly though, Bristol doesn’t have any dealerships or salesrooms. All new vehicles are bought from direct contact with the company – usually its eccentric owner Tony Crook, who won’t sell you a car if he doesn’t like the look of your face. Or so the story goes.

Zagato made special lightweight bodies for some Bristol cars in the 1950′s and 1960′s, and this gem we’ve found is just such a vehicle. You’ll also recall that they made some of the most staggeringly beautiful Aston Martins to date with the DB4 Zagato. And Zagato is still ripping up the design world today.

The price for the 406 Zagato might seems steep, but exclusivity like this doesn’t come cheap. And if you’re looking for a 21st century car with this much exclusivity, you can expect to pay Zonda and Veyron prices, not DB9 prices. This car also has the kind of heritage and connoisseur appeal that is hard to put a price on. I call dibs.

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