Bentley Refuses to Lay People Off



Due to a sharp drop in demand, Bentley has 140 skilled wood-workers who have been with the company for years and years that now have absolutely nothing to do. Instead of taking the usual route of laying them all off, the Brits Germans at Bentley have come up with a rather unexpected solution. Read more after the jump.

While the company-wide 10% pay cut that was announced in early February was designed to help the company retain as many of their workers as possible, there were still 140 people sitting around doing diddly-squat. Instead of being sent packing, they have been reassigned to a brand new furniture division. For now, Bentley is just using this furniture to refurbish their own offices, but if there is demand they are considering selling it.

While this is a clever way to keep their employees, some of whom have been with the company for decades, one does have to wonder how much demand there is for fine furniture made by Bentley in a global recession. I know what I need right now is a $15,000 desk.

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