Definition of Oxymoron: The Bentley Continental Supersports



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Eco-friendly. Going green. Most of these terms are pretty foreign to luxury car makers and especially to those who specialize in the performance variety. Mostly this is because those that are consumers of the luxury “genre” have not made a clamoring for “green” products. Not that there aren’t exceptions–some luxury SUVS have started to push their “greenage”, but since gas has gone down considerably in the last few months, gang green hasn’t exactly been the hot topic amongst buyers.

So it’s kind of quizzical that the Bentley Continental Supersports is being touted as “eco-friendly”. Yes, there is a progress in the fact that the car can be filled up with the E85 Biofuel, but the reality is that this is a performance car shrouded in a green cloak. The car still weighs almost 5000 pounds and boasts a top speed of 328 kph, the physics of which are astounding. To accomplish this, Bentley has given the Supersports even more horsepower than the admittedly ridiculous Speed models. So then, with a monster engine and a gorilla frame, remind me again of the E85 significance? Perhaps I am also forgetting about how much Bentley is doing for the environment because of the fact that there is a pretty little 250K price tag in the window. I guess that Bentley Continental owners aren’t smug enough and they need to feel like they’re helping the environment to boot. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around this seeming paradox.

Oh yeah…so they can “say” they are doing it. But I will use a cliche here that I feel fits the situation the best–you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Well, you can, but it’s still a pig–and in this case, while the Bentley windowdressing of the Supersports is the marketing edge and, of course, the “future”, it still has a ridiculously low MPG and emissions that insinuate that Bentley is sticking their carbon foot(print) in their mouth. The car will debut at the Geneva Auto Show and should be bio-ready for North America by fall.

[pictures from Autoblog]