Audi Shows off the TT RS Before Geneva



The Audi TT has, largely because of its success, spawned a large number of variants over the years. Audi just revealed another one: the Audi TT RS, also known as “the really fast one.” It’s got a more powerful engine (shocking I know), as well as some other goodies. Details after the jump.

The above mentioned engine is a VW made 2.5l turbocharged inline 5 producing 340 horsepower and 332 ft-lbs of torque. The TT-RS is said to hit 100 kph in five seconds. That’s nice and fast. This is nothing but wild speculation, but might the VW Rabbit, which runs on a normally aspirated VW made 2.5l inline 5, be capable of a lot more? In addition to the power under to hood, the new TT is also getting a fixed spoiler, new alloy wheels,  a new rear diffuser, some larger frontal air vents, and presumably a badge that says “RS.” There will be both hard top and convertible trims. Surprisingly, the convertible actually doesn’t look horrible in comparison. Sounds like a winner to me.

Awesome as this all sounds, Audi has not said that it will be sold in North America. Somehow, we need to make sure that they do. Your homework is as follows: Call your local Audi dealer and claim that you would like to buy one in every color. If we all do it, it should spark their interest.

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