Audi Is Sending Us Some Love (TT-RS And RS5 To North America)



I’d like to take credit for this, as the originator of the “ask for one in every colour” grass-roots campaign for the TT-RS. Due to all of our efforts, it is said to be very likely that the new Audi TT-RS is going to make it across the pond to North America. I’ll tell you more secrets after the jump.

While it is awesome that we will probably be able to get our hands on the 340 horse power TT-RS, that’s not all. We are likely to get another fun car from Audi: the RS5. I’m told that the for the RS5, 500 horsepower is the order of the day, as well as Quattro with a significant rear bias, and some other goodies. Sounds to me like the M3 should be a little scared.


It seems that the new colour of Audi is blue, and a gorgeous blue at that.

While the TT-RS can be expected to show up in North America come fall, it’s unclear when we will be seeing the RS5. Perhaps with another pestering campaign we could get some more info out of them?

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