Audi E-Tron Gets a Real Name, More Info Too


AudiR4The electric R8 concept from the Frankfurt Motor Show known as the “E-Tron” has been given a true Audi name consisting of a letter and a number. It will be known as…

The R4! While at first, I screamed in horror at the idea of an R8 with no side scoops, given the smaller size of the R8, I’ve taken to thinking of this as a prettier version of the already pretty TT. Being an electric car, it’s the powertrain that is most interesting. The R4 will have one electric motor per wheel and I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to call it e-quattro. All together, they produce 300 horsepower and all the torque in the world (3,320 foot-pounds!) which is available from the instant they start to spin. As a result, the R4 will hit 100kph in less than five seconds and top out at 225kph. However, the battery is only supposed to be good for 155 miles. (250 kilometers) Sadly, if one drives it the way it’s supposed to be it will probably only go around three meters.

Here’s the weird part though: the R4 will be available with many of the same engines as the TT. Doesn’t this seem a little redundant to anyone else?

[Edmunds Insideline]