Video: Snowfight! (Subaru WRX STi vs. Mitsubishi Evo X)


This battle has raged, it seems, forever. For MotorTrend, it certainly seems that way, as apparently they’ve previously had to instate an “Absolutely NO Evos or STis in this Issue!” rule in their print publication.

They’re not keen on stopping anytime soon, though. This time, they’ve pitted an ‘09 WRX STi against an ‘08 Evo X, first on stock summer tires and then on Continental snow tires at Continental’s own test track in snowy Northern Michigan. No, it isn’t Canada, but it’s not far off. 

[Source: NASIOC, which has a nice, detailed graphic comparing slippage between the two cars at 2-second intervals which may possibly be more interesting than this video. ;)]