Video: Onboard Marcus Gronholm’s ProDrive Impreza at Rallye Portugal 2009


Ever fancy taking a drive with a World Rally Champion? Or any other rally driver, for that matter? One of the many cool ways in which the WRC interacts with fans is its Onboard Request Line.

How does it work? Follow the jump to find out.

It’s really simple.

  1. Make sure you’ve got an account on YouTube, and subscribe yourself to their YouTube channel.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you can head over to the official WRC fan page on Facebook.
  3. There’ll be a request thread posted up sometime in between events, on which you’ll need to make sure your post includes three things:
    • your YouTube username (so they can make sure you’re subscribed to their channel, since it is a requirement for onboard footage requests)
    • the name of the driver whose onboard footage you wish to see
    • what stage of the rally you’d like to see that onboard footage from

Voila!  The WRC tries to honour as many of these requests as it can, which is seriously impressive.  If you only want to watch what other people have requested, of course, you can just have a look at their YouTube channel. :D