Video: Fiat’s TwinAir Engine Is, Like, Totally The Future, Man


Porno movie soundtrack aside, this video breaks down the guts of Fiat’s revolutionary little TWO-cylinder engine. This is the future of motoring, at least in the next 5-10 years. Despite what every automaker and their dog will tell you, electrically-powered cars have a ways to go. Even the highly-publicized Chevy Volt has no lack of shortcomings, the biggest of which is its USD$41k pricetag.

Yes, a two-pot engine sounds pitiful, like two children who have lost their parents at Disneyland, but the TwinAir is a resoundingly fresh piece of tech. Fiat’s all-new 2-cylinder, which is a new option on Europe’s 2011 500s, has a robust 0.9L of displacement aided by a baby turbocharger and Fiat’s MultiAir technology. All this adds up to 85 hp, 107 ft-lbs at 1900 rpm, a 174 kph top speed, 0-97 in less than 11 seconds, 57 US mpg, and a fairly stunning 95 g/km CO2. That CO2 emission is on par with the cleanest hybrids and ultra-efficient supermini diesels that Europe has to offer, all while using regular old gasoline.

Canada is not expected to receive this engine initially, just the 1.4L will be offered here, but should consumer acceptance of the Fiat 500 take off, the business case will surely be made to bring this engine to our increasingly environmentally-conscious market. The TwinAir costs the same as the 1.4L in Europe, which is a tier up from a 1.2L that we won’t see here, so hopes that the TwinAir could replace the less efficient, and equally powerful, 1.4L aren’t so far fetched. Here’s hoping.

[YouTube via Tamerlane’s Thoughts]