Fiat 500 Coming To Chrysler Dealerships in 2010



Motor Trend is reporting that the lovable little Fiat 500 could make it to North America in the next 18 months, or less! This is acheivable thanks to Fiat’s new relationship with Chrysler, which would allow Fiat to sling its hatchback-crack on our shores through Chrysler’s established dealer network. Just reading the headline of the article gave me a semi. I’ve been waiting with baited breath since the first time I laid eyes on the diminutive hatch in March, 2007.

So I was all excited until Todd Lassa tried to break my heart into a million little pieces by saying that the Cinquecento wouldn’t make it to Canada. Don’t believe a word that liar-face says! More details after the jump.

Mr. Lassa claims that the Fiat 500 might not make the trip North of the border because our laws “require front turn-signal lenses to survive a 5 mph bumper test without cracking because they often double as daytime running lights”. Which is true but I think that this is something that Fiat and Chrysler can overcome, especially considering Canada’s greater affinity for small cars compared to the US. Fiat, don’t make me import the 500 on the black market. Because I’ll do it if I have to.

He goes on to say that for the US, the 500 would only need a new bumper beam and front fascia to meet their bumper regulations. I sincerely hope that these modifications don’t do anything to mess up the aesthetics of the perky little hatch.

All sounds pretty good to me. Here’s hoping that Chrysler doesn’t rebadge the thing with Dodge Nitro-esque styling.


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