Video: 911 GT3 = Fun For Everyone



Most of us already know that Porsche makes pretty good cars. Very few of us know first-hand how good they can be, especially on a racetrack. Porsche decided to show a few lucky individuals what it is like in the passenger seat of the upcoming low-weight, naturally-aspirated, 3.6L, rear-engined, 415 hp, Porsche 997.5 911 GT3.

Here’s a video done up by Porsche that is made to give people a glimmer of the new GT3’s abilities around a track. And we are oh so jealous. The video after the jump shows a half dozen different people getting into the GT3 as a passenger and getting ripped around an unknown circuit. Their expressions are priceless to the point that Mastercard should use this video for a commercial. Now let’s all live vicariously through this video. 

[Porsche via Luxvelocity]