Split Seconds In The Audi RS5

Split Seconds In The Audi RS5

There are untold scores of new cars for sale in Canada, but the list of two-door cars that you’d want to drive year-round in Alberta is seriously limited. For those of us who live in this winter wonderland, the AWD Coupé is Automotive Nirvana: the place where a single car can drift us through knee-deep snow while maintaining the youthful irreverence of two-door transport.
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Acura RDX

It no longer looks like a bolder and distinctively taller Honda Fit from the future. It’s now gentler, less boyish than before.

Acura’s latest tweaks are their most comprehensive yet, but they’ve lead to a far more anonymous iteration of their smallest crossover.

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March 10, 2016

Ferries, Fragility, and The (Volt-Shaped) Future

The Chevy Volt. Ah yes. The very embodiment of the Obama Administration’s public appeasement after GM’s bailout in 2008. For years thereafter, the Volt wrapped itself […]
March 3, 2016

The Invisible Parasol And The New Ford Escape

There are 31-year-olds who live in their parents’ basement and volunteer at the soup kitchen. There are 42-year-old single mothers who work from home as angel […]
February 27, 2016

How Does The Audi TT-S Only Have FOUR Cylinders?

The engine was linear, raspy, and as progressive as East Berlin. There was just. no. way. And yet there was no way it wasn’t. What else […]