Report: Volkswagen Wants 30% Of You To Buy TDI Diesels



By 30% of you, I don’t mean one leg, half an arm, an ear, and a spleen. I mean 3 in 10 people. Vee Dub is apparently prognosticating that 30% of MkVI Golf buyers in North America will go for the (ultra-low) sulfer swiller. Considering that a similar percentage is already being achieved in the Jetta and being exceeded in the Jetta wagon, I don’t think that their prediction is a stretch.

I’m slightly biased though, we have two MkIV Golf TDIs in the family garage and they make phenomenal roadtripmobiles. VW skipped out on adding the TDI powerplant to the MkV, so it’s nice to see a resurgence in confidence from the People’s Car company.

As tempting as it might be for VW to tell the other German manufacturers that it’s “their move”, I hope that VW can bite its tongue. We all know what happened last time a member of the VAG told BMW this…