We Have A Scion FR-S Price For Canada, So We Have A Winner!


Waaaay back in November, when we were fizzing like Lotsa Fizz with GT86 excitement we all took a crack at guessing the Canadian price for the Scion FR-S. The majority of the entries hovered around $30,000 and reasonably so given that its claimed competition is in that range. I even went so far as to make a wager with TTAC’s News Editor Derek Kreindler that it would cost more than a new GTI. Big mistake. Now I get backhanded next time we meet up.

The official price is…drumroll please….


We also have word that the Canadian model will have heated mirrors as standard. No word yet on how much weight this will add. For some reason Toyota isn’t returning our calls.

Commenter Alfie has won the “Guess The Price” competition with an official entry of $28,210. He wins a 1GB GT-R USB drive. His friends will be totally jealous. Second place goes to Mark D with a guess of $26,200 and he’ll be taking home a prize pack courtesy of Garant. Nicely done, gentlemen.

If you were hoping for the Philosophy of Driving today, it’ll resume next Tuesday morning. I spent this weekend at the Jasper Park Lodge, floating in the 35C outdoor pool, running laps of the place, and writing an article for TTAC about my press fleet banning experience. As of this moment, there have already been 50+ comments on my article there, ranging from knee-jerk confusion surrounding the entire concept of a non-traditional car review to ad homonym attacks. My favourite thus far has easily been

I hope you have a real job or a well padded trust fund, because from what I’ve seen, attitude wise and other, there isn’t much else going for you.

As Nassim Taleb said: “You never win an argument until they attack your person”.

There were also several very kind, fun, and open-minded comments that appreciated my musings, doodlings, and eccentric perspective. For these, I am grateful and motivated to keep pushing the boundaries of the car blog format. Head on over to ttac.com to read my article but also the comments of the mostly humourless group of individuals known as the Best & Brightest.

[Photo credit: Scion]