Want An Extra $100 Towards Your New A4 or TSX purchase? Test Drive a Suzuki!


2010-suzuki-kizashi-2-450x310So, you’ve decided. The Audi A4 or Acura TSX is good enough to get your hard earned dough. You’ve got the deal you want, the spec’d model you want and are ready to pull the plug. The next step? Visit a Suzuki showroom.

If you do, Suzuki will give you $100 just for test driving its new Kizashi sedan. They are apparently so confident that they will sway you from your sport luxury sedan purchase that they will “put their money where their mouth is”. Even if you still end up buying the Audi or the Acura within ten days of the test drive, they will still honour the $100.

There’s confidence and then there’s, well, ego issues. The new Kizashi has been mostly praised by every auto journalist that reviews it, but even they don’t liken it do the entry level luxury market. The new Kizashi may be able to take on the likes of the Honda Accord, Mazda6 and VW Jetta, but I’m willing to bet that the average Audi/Acura buyer probably doesn’t even know where their local Suzuki dealership is.

Still, bold moves by manufacturers have been known to work out from time to time. Ford’s employee pricing program and GM’s 60 day return no questions asked policies for instance. Suzuki however, may be doing nothing more than offering an additional incentive for people to buy other cars.

It should be noted that so far this is a U.S only incentive, however after I spoke to a Suzuki sales manager the other day, he indicated that Suzuki Canada would likely follow suit depending on how well the program does in the U.S.